Saturday, July 14, 2012

Introducing me...

Hello dolls!
I’m Elliebelle, but please just call me Elle.    

Fun fact; this is my third time writing this. The first time was all wrong, the second time was better- but then I lost it when my beloved MacBook left the building.  
To be honest, I’ve been procrastinating starting this blog for quite a bit- and my MacBook woes were the ULTIMATE setback. But alas, I’m more determined than ever to get this show on the road. Of course that means you’re  going to get me in pretty raw form.  All the perfectly edited photos that ‘define’ me- gone. So I hope you guys love cheesy insta-fied iphone pics! I wish I could be perfectly prepared for you, but I’d rather give you my all from a teenie-tiny borrowed dell mini. 
Well now that I got that out of the way- let me tell you a bit about me. 

I’m 21 years old, which sometimes feels ancient and sometimes feels young.

I live on the jersey shore. No, really. But I live in the small beach town kind of jersey shore- where everything is cute and kitschy. No fist-pumping in these parts. 
   I’m Spanish, French, Italian, & Czech. A total mutt- and I love it. I'm also an avid Francophile. 
I love tattoos- I wish I was ballsy enough to get a sleeve. Of course, that might not happen for me, but I do want a few more. you'll probably be seeing a few tattoos peeking in some of my pictures. Like my heart on my sleeve...
I'm a musician. My mother says I came out of the womb singing. I also play piano, uke, a little guitar, and i write-a lot. It's my biggest dream & my greatest passion.
I can be a little uptight sometimes & I'm always forgetting how to let loose. But when I'm performing, I'm completely free. I can be as  quirky, sweet or sexy as I want to be. 

I love the color pink, I’m a little too obsessed with glitter, and rhinestones.  (yawn, so typical-I know)
I’m very domestic- I love baking, cooking, sewing and crafting. 
Oh, & I completely hoard craft supplies. I’m in desperate need of some serious stash busting.

I started LoveElliebelle (my jewelry and accessories etsy shop) in 2009. I’ve had some local success- but now I’m ready to take it to a whole new online level. 
I have a wonderful beau in my life- of course he’s more private than I am so I’ll spare you the little details. Just know that he’s wonderful. 

Between us, we have 2 adorable doggies, Fluffy & Ella. Can you guess who the puppy is?

Ella is almost 1 & Fluffy is 10. (I mean obviously. Do you see how wise he is?)
A few random facts:
I love Chinese food. I could seriously eat it for breakfast lunch & dinner. & I collect all my fortunes. I have over 200!

I’m a complete sap- and can’t turn off the notebook when it comes on TV. It sucks me every. Time. 
I'm really creeped out by furbies. Was I the only one who locked mine in a kitchen cabinet at night?
I'm double jointed in my hands. It's a little weird. 
My TV habits are weird. I still watch the Disney Channel on occasion, the Kardashians are a guilty pleasure, & I watch CNN most mornings.
I've moved over 10 times (to different cities). It was really hectic as a teen- it broke a lot of friendships and made it harder to keep up with my schoolwork. But overall, I learned a lot life lessons. 
My grandma was a seamstress & worked for Oscar de la Renta. I'm hoping some of her talent was passed down this way. 
I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty. It's almost a problem. 
It's probably going to take me like 10 years to finish getting my degree- but it's ok. Everyone does things at their own pace. 

There’s so much more to me than I could list, but hopefully you’ll stick around & get to know me. I know I already can’t wait to get to know you. So feel free to follow me, bookmark me, and sign up for the emails. I'd love it if you could join me for my ventures into diy, cooking, love and life. 

Elle the belle

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