Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Yummiest 5 Minute Cookie

Hello dolls!

Let me start by telling you that mother nature is kicking me in the metaphorical balls this week. I've been falling behind on all blogging & etsy duties and spending too much time in bed being a sourpuss. sadface
So while I was lounging being lethargic & cranky, I saw this little gem on my Tumblr dash.

Aka, a post on how to make a quick chocolate chip cookie in the microwave*. 

Oh mon dieu. 

If you know me, you might know that sweets are my biggest vice & while I do love to bake- I never feel like I have the time for anything. So even with a pantry full of ingredients I never bring myself to bake much- mostly because It's pretty messy & time consuming. 

So I take no shame in saying that I somehow found the energy to literally leap out of bed to make one....& I take even less shame in telling you that I ended up eating 2. Don't be deceived by the fact that it's made in the microwave- it's so good & so easy that you'll want seconds too. 

Intriguing? I know. It's even simple enough for the bakingchallanged to whip one up. So for those of you who want a fresh baked cookie without all the commitment, pay attention. 

Ready? OK. Let's go ahead & round up the ingredients...
Ingredient list:
1 tbsp. butter, melted 
1 tbsp. white sugar 
1 tbsp. brown sugar 

1/8 tsp. of vanilla 

pinch of salt 

1 egg yolk 

1/4 c. flour 

A handful of chocolate chips
1/16 tsp raspberry extract (optional)
sprinkles (optional & fun)

Step 1: Find yourself a cup, mug, ramekin or whathave you. (preferrably ceramic or glass- keep it microwave safe) take your tbsp of butter and melt in said ramekin; 30 seconds will do the trick. 
Step 2: add the sugar, mix. 
Step 3: add the vanilla, mix. 
Step 4: add the yolk, mix.

Step 5: add a dash of salt. 
Step 6: Add flour.
Step 7: Mix very well. 
Step 8: add chocolate chips. <3

Extras: Add half of an 1/8th of a teaspoon of raspberry extract (a little goes a long way) & add sprinkles! ...Or you could do what my brother did, & add crushed snickers (or any other candy bar).

Final step: microwave for 40-60 seconds. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Go ahead & enjoy it 'till the last bite is gone.  

Elle the Belle

*Disclaimer: I take no credit for this recipe, only for the little tweaks I made. The original recipe was made by a woman who clearly is a phenomenal genius & can be found on