Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy, can't you see I'm in misery?

Hello dolls!
I want to start by saying sorry for not updating more the past few days. The excitement I had for the DIY (& a new one in the works!) was a little overshadowed by the freak weather. So some of you, like I, may be feeling the burn of the storm. 

Womp, womp, womp.

As of right now I'm holed up in a hotel room with plenty of snacks & some leftover pasta (After my entire town was ordered an emergency mandatory evacuation). Thankfully the power has held up this long and I've been able to watch a few movies, play wow, spend hours on Tumblr, & of course update you guys. So I guess I'm not too mad about all my cancelled Halloween plans (jk I didn't have any plans).
You can go ahead & follow me on instagram (Sweetsugarchaos) & watch my boredom for yourself.
            But seriously & above all else, keep safe.
( That's a picture of my town, NOT taken by me =[ )
I urge everyone in the storms path to please be smart about this, seek shelter & higher ground. Please listen to your local officials. I hope this passes quickly & everyone stays safe. I will update you all again soon. ♥  

P.s: the giveaway will be extended by a week, but this doesn't currently affect it in any other way. I can still see all of your lovely comments, RT's, & likes through my phone. So keep it up! 
p.p.s: for those of you who follow my Staying chula Tuesdays over at Project chula, there will be a delay this week. We're very sorry. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Quick Little Hair-tie DIY...(& a Giveaway!)

Have you ever had that moment when you see something in a store & think "I can totally make that!"
I've been having  a lot of those moments lately. My phone is full of pictures of things I want to make, & my desktop is full of screenshots. A good amount of my 'wish list' comes from Anthro.

 Anthropologie, that is. It's one of my favorite stores hands down, despite the fact that I only own one thing from the store (a dress I got off of a clearance rack when i was a junior). 
High prices, however, don't stop me from fawning over every single catalogue, & every single thing I see online.

Every now & then I come across something that's simple enough to make myself. 

Like hair ties...
They're adorable, don't snag or pull your hair & $12.00 isn't the end of the world. It is however a bit pricey for something I have a tendency to lose, & I know costs considerably less to make. 
& so the idea sat in the back of my mind for a week or two, until I came into a couple of extra pieces of elastic (via my awesome job). Turns out I was completely right. Elastic is pretty cheap, and with $12 I could have enough to make triple the amount Anthro offers. 

& so this DIY was born. (one of many Anthro knock-offs, I'm sure.)

Materials needed:
Foldover elastic (in your fav color-s)
a lighter

First up, you're going to need some FOE. If you're like me & you anxiously wait for your weekday Plaid Barn email, then you might already have some in transit. If you missed that daily deal, no worries, you can find some on Etsy
You want to cut the elastic into 9 inch strips. (Pst! If you want headbands, cut them into 17" strips)
Once they're cut, gather them up....
& tie the ends in a knot.  
Once they're tied use your lighter to gently neaten up the edges. (& prevent fraying)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Now here's the fun part. 
I'm so excited about my new blog makeover (& all the awesome DIY projects in the works) 
that I'm giving away 5 sets of elastics (each set has 5 elastics and a headband). 
1 set of Glitter in the air (glitter pink, tie-dye, blues, purple & raspberry)

2 sets of Stars go Blue (blue & tie-dye)

1 set of Lovely (multi-colored)

& 1 set of Gunslinger (cameo inspired neutrals)

4 ways to enter!
• Comment on this post
• Like LoveElliebelle on Facebook & comment on the wall (or on the giveaway post)
• Follow LoveElliebelle on Twitter & retweet the giveaway post or tweet @Loveelliebelle 
• Follow LoveElliebelle on Tumblr & reblog the giveaway post

You can enter all 4 ways, as many times as you'd like. (you can only win once though!)
 You can comment with your favorite set, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's the one you'll win. The 5 winners will be chosen at random.
Giveaway ends November 8th at midnight (est) 
Winners will be contacted November 9th. 
Good luck!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I don't normally do this...

Get political, that is. Although I follow the election (& have my very strong opinions)- my opinions are something I prefer to keep to myself. Only those of you who know me best might know my opinions. 

...Because these kinds of things tend to get pretty heated. 

So no worries, I promise I'm not going to preach my views or ask about yours. Because honestly? 
I don't care. 
All I care, is that you do your part. 
Dolls, someone one fought for your right to vote. So wether you're a republican or a democrat doesn't matter to me. There are only days left. In some states, the deadline is today
Dolls, please let your voice be heard. No matter what issues are the most important to you, 
your opinion matters. 
But if you don't vote- you won't have a voice. 
There's a huge number of sites that you can use, I love rockthevote (or just click on the icon to the left). As long as your registration is postmarked by the deadline- you'll be fine. 
Remember, you're voting for more than just a president. You're voting on policies, taxes, representatives  things that affect YOU. 

Elle the Belle.

p.s: here's a list of all the upcoming deadlines, just for you. 

Postmarked by October 12
  • Idaho (can register in person on election day)
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
Received by October 12
  • North Carolina (can register in person from October 18-November 3)
Postmarked by October 13
  • Delaware
Received by October 15
  • Virginia
Postmarked by October 16
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • West Virginia
Received by October 16
  • Maine (can register in person on election day)
  • Minnesota (can register in person on election day with proof of residency)
  • New Jersey
Postmarked by October 17
  • Massachusetts
  • Wisconsin (can register in person on election day)
Postmarked by October 19
  • Nebraska (can register in person until October 26)
Postmarked by October 22
  • California
  • Iowa (can register in person until October 27, or on election day)
Received by October 22
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming (can register in person on election day)
Postmarked by October 23
  • Connecticut (can register in person until October 30)
Received by October 27
  • New Hampshire (can register in person on election day)
Received by October 31
  • Vermont (must be received before 5pm)
No Deadline
  • North Dakota (no voter registration in North Dakota - just show up with your ID when you vote)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's October 3rd...


Is my October baby bias showing, or is this just the greatest month ever?

(it totally is)

No worries, if you're not convinced I'm going to go ahead & show you all the reasons October is awesome.

Candy corn! It's a hit or miss candy, but for me its an obsession. I often eat it year round, but October is the more "socially acceptable" time to eat candy corn. You'll probably see me at Costco's hauling out the biggest bag of it they have.
Not to mention all candy corn inspired treats I've seen...
Like these adorable handmade earrings. They're available in my friend Aileen's Etsy shop, Sugar and Spice Geekery. Check it out!

I'm also pretty excited about halloween, but let's be real now- who isn't?
Sorry, Mario & Luigi don't have much to do with October, but I might finally get to dress up as luigi (to my brothers mario) for Halloween.

Hay rides.
Hocus Pocus.
Gossip Girl.
Pumpkin patches
My first halloween dressing up my puppy up.
Adorable trick or treaters.
Candy galore.
Fright Fest.
The autumn leaves.
Haunted houses.

Not to mention, that the 15th is someones' birthday....
WIWW: On wednesdays we wear pink. 
(But really, T-shirt from V.S Pink, Pants & cardigan from Express, shoes from ASOS.)
Follow me on instagram, I'll be doing a mix of photo a day October's all month. @sweetsugarchaos

In the end dolls, 
Pinned Image

So tell me, what's your fav thing about October? Are any of you October babies too?