Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's October 3rd...


Is my October baby bias showing, or is this just the greatest month ever?

(it totally is)

No worries, if you're not convinced I'm going to go ahead & show you all the reasons October is awesome.

Candy corn! It's a hit or miss candy, but for me its an obsession. I often eat it year round, but October is the more "socially acceptable" time to eat candy corn. You'll probably see me at Costco's hauling out the biggest bag of it they have.
Not to mention all candy corn inspired treats I've seen...
Like these adorable handmade earrings. They're available in my friend Aileen's Etsy shop, Sugar and Spice Geekery. Check it out!

I'm also pretty excited about halloween, but let's be real now- who isn't?
Sorry, Mario & Luigi don't have much to do with October, but I might finally get to dress up as luigi (to my brothers mario) for Halloween.

Hay rides.
Hocus Pocus.
Gossip Girl.
Pumpkin patches
My first halloween dressing up my puppy up.
Adorable trick or treaters.
Candy galore.
Fright Fest.
The autumn leaves.
Haunted houses.

Not to mention, that the 15th is someones' birthday....
WIWW: On wednesdays we wear pink. 
(But really, T-shirt from V.S Pink, Pants & cardigan from Express, shoes from ASOS.)
Follow me on instagram, I'll be doing a mix of photo a day October's all month. @sweetsugarchaos

In the end dolls, 
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So tell me, what's your fav thing about October? Are any of you October babies too?

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