Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy, can't you see I'm in misery?

Hello dolls!
I want to start by saying sorry for not updating more the past few days. The excitement I had for the DIY (& a new one in the works!) was a little overshadowed by the freak weather. So some of you, like I, may be feeling the burn of the storm. 

Womp, womp, womp.

As of right now I'm holed up in a hotel room with plenty of snacks & some leftover pasta (After my entire town was ordered an emergency mandatory evacuation). Thankfully the power has held up this long and I've been able to watch a few movies, play wow, spend hours on Tumblr, & of course update you guys. So I guess I'm not too mad about all my cancelled Halloween plans (jk I didn't have any plans).
You can go ahead & follow me on instagram (Sweetsugarchaos) & watch my boredom for yourself.
            But seriously & above all else, keep safe.
( That's a picture of my town, NOT taken by me =[ )
I urge everyone in the storms path to please be smart about this, seek shelter & higher ground. Please listen to your local officials. I hope this passes quickly & everyone stays safe. I will update you all again soon. ♥  

P.s: the giveaway will be extended by a week, but this doesn't currently affect it in any other way. I can still see all of your lovely comments, RT's, & likes through my phone. So keep it up! 
p.p.s: for those of you who follow my Staying chula Tuesdays over at Project chula, there will be a delay this week. We're very sorry. 

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