Friday, December 21, 2012

The thought that counts...Diy gift wrapping

Is it just me, or did the holidays really sneak up on us this year? 
Of course, these past few months have been challenging. We've seen too many tragedies, but we've also seen how people can come together. 
So even though it might be a little tougher to spread some holiday cheer, it's important to show your loved ones how much you care. 
I'm a huge fan of homemade gifts, & I don't think you need expensive things to show your love. It's the thought that counts...
So I wanted to wrap my gifts in a way that showed how much love I put into them, without breaking the bank. I've seen an array of gorgeous ideas online, & fabulous wrapping papers. But over $5 for a roll? Eh, I figured I'd find my own way.  So instead, I went to my local dollar store, & found some supplies to wrap al my presents fabulously for UNDER $5. 
A roll of kraft paper 
A roll of tulle
A roll of silver  curling ribbon
A bag of metallic bows 
Red & Green paint samples (from Lowes or Home Depot)
Additional Materials:
Metallic sharpie, Stamps, Ink, Paint

All the materials that are pictured (minus the free paint samples) were only $1. i.e, I only spent $5 to wrap all my presents. For additional materials, you can just raid your craft stash like I did & find things to decorate the kraft paper with. 

I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little devious picking up these paint samples. While on a Home Depot run with my beau, I kept giggling & whispering to him "You think they'll really think I'm going to paint a room in christmas colors? Is this too obvious?". Not my most mature moment. 

They're very simple. Just draw, cut & done. I drew trees & ornaments, but you could do any shape you'd like.

I'm using 4 different toppers. A tulle bow & puff, a curled ribbon topper & your standard bow. 
To make the Tulle bow, first cut about 9-10 rectangles of tulle (they don't have to be perfect). Then one by one, fold them in half (corner to corner) 3 times. Sew or staple at bottom. 
For the puff, I freehanded 8 'flowers', then just bunched them up & stapled at the bottom. 
The great thing about tulle is that it's very forgiving, & very easy to make adorable toppers. 
For the curled ribbon, I cut 6 foot-long pieces of ribbon, curled, then taped in the center. 

Finally, we've reached the fun part! Once the gifts are wrapped there are endless possibilities for what you can do with kraft paper. Bring out your paints, your stamps, your lace or whatever you have on hand. 
I found 5 different way to decorate my wrapping, all easy & cute. 
To make polka dots, I used a wine cork as a pouncer & some glittery Martha Stewart paint. I then topped it off with a tulle bow & some curling ribbon. 

For this one, I wrapped silver curling ribbon around the box & topped with a rose-gold bow. 

To make the chevron stamped, I used a chevron stamp I made myself & topped it with a silver bow. 

I used some chevron wrapping paper that I got in the dollar section at Target, & topped it with some silver ribbon. 
& the easiest of them all...
Just take a metallic sharpie (about $1.50) & doodle on the wrapping. 

Remember darlings that gifts are nice but the absolute most important thing is to spread kindness & love these holidays. We all need it. 


  1. My favorite style is the brown paper with Metallic Sharpie doodles on top. c:

    1. Mine too! ^.^ Doesn't hurt how simple it is to make. Thanks for reading!