Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas...

Darlings, it's almost time. As we speak I'm tucked into bed, watching Elf (my fav) & waiting to see what Santa's gonna bring me. After all, I haven't been too naughty. & though I'd been guilty of feeling a little less than holly-jolly, I must admit I've been doing a lot of little things to get me in the spirit of things. 
My attempt at some holiday cheer.
Like painting my nails, in attempt to be festive. 

& of course, the kindness of others has melted my (at times Scrooge-like) heart. 
Someone left this on my car.  It made my entire week. 😊 Thank you, I needed to see that people are kind. Definitely going to join in. #26acts
Someone left taped to my car during a long rainy night. (Thank you, & I will be joining in)

It's the little things. The things that remind you that it's more than just gifts. It's a time to celebrate with your loved ones, & cherish them. Laugh, sing to your favorite christmas songs, & eat too many cookies. (Or if you're as lucky as me, bake cookies with your bestie ♥) So eat, drink, dance & well...
I hope the diy on wrapping found you all well, I definitely know that after hours of shopping- some simple wrapping is needed. It's tempting to sub-contract it huh?
No worries, it's worth it when you see the look on your loved ones face as they tear what might've taken you 20 minutes to carefully wrap & decorate. ;)
Now jusssttttt in case you still need a little extra something for your wrapping- I'm here to help. I stayed up all night designing these adorable gift tags, free for you to print out & use as you please. (links under the pictures)

Merry Christmas darlings, & don't forget to put out those cookies for Santa!

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