Friday, January 18, 2013

Glitter & Good Vibes: Sparkle in 2013

Hello darlings! 
So 3 down, 49 more to go? 
I have to admit, these first 2 weeks of the year have been hectic. There's been a lot of changes, but thankfully I'm getting back into the swing of things...
Like attempting to stick to my resolutions, finding more time to create, & finally getting this post up for you guys. 

Basically, on new years day I got the idea to send out cards to my loved ones for the new year (since I'm still not on that sendingoutchristmascards status). I wanted something simple & cute- like a postcard. Needless to say, I didn't quite find what I was looking for in any store. 
Aka, time to DIY. 
So I created these lovely postcards, filled with everything I associate with a new year-  glitter & good vibes

& since I'm all about spreading good vibes... They'll be available as a free printable! Just download & print (no resizing necessary).
I hope you guys like them! Go ahead, print & share*. 
Can you spot the one with my handwriting? 

Download spanish card

Make 2013 YOUR year dolls. Sparkle with all you've got. 

*The fine print: You can use these in almost any way you'd like. Print them, share them, pin them, post them on your own sites- just please don't take credit for them. (& I promise I won't take it personally if you 'forget' to link back ;) ) Also, colors print out slightly darker- but the pink is lighter than it appears in my picture*