Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love for Conversation (hearts)

There's something about conversation hearts that I just can't get enough of this year. 
They remind me of Fourth grade, first crushes, & being given a little yellow "Be Mine".
Of course, they don't taste as good as I remember. But man are they DIY inspiring.
I somehow wanted to incorporate them in my decor, but filled dishes wasn't enough. 
So after some thought, I came up with these little plaques.
All the materials can be found at Michaels, even the conversation hearts. (The "Be Mine" eraser is from Target)
For prep, i'd recommend lightly sanding the wood. 

Then go ahead & paint. Two light coats should be perfect, or you could also try one thick coat (depending on the color).
While it dries, feel free to take a snack break & eat those sweet little hearts. 
Then once dry, lightly pencil on whichever message you'd like. 
& use your eraser on any mistakes
I find that conversation hearts themselves are flawed, which is part of their charm. So if your text is a little lopsided or anything don't worry! 

Go ahead & paint over the pencil in red. 
I went over it twice- the second time to even it out a bit.
C'est fini!

You can hang these babies, glaze them & use them as coasters, or anything you so please. 
It's a fun little craft, & it goes by quick, especially if you have some music to sing a long to. 
Songs like the ones that inspired these iPhone wallpapers, my valentine to you guys.
Just right click & save!
Happy Valentines darlings!

*The fine print: You can use these in almost any way you'd like. Use them as wallpapers, print them, share them, pin them, post them on your own sites- just please don't take credit for them. (& I promise I won't take it personally if you 'forget' to link back ;) )

Friday, February 1, 2013

Washi, washi, washi.

Dolls, I must admit I have a problem...

I'm addicted to craft supplies. 

I completely hoard them; stuffing endless amounts of beads, tapes & cardstock into every corner of my house. & one of my favorite places to get my 'fix' is the Plaid Barn
The gal who started the site is the absolute sweetest, & she always has the best supplies, like fabulous washi tape. As usual, I'm late to the party- I've only recently started collecting it.
Wait, no. Not collecting. It's a new year & I plan on doing a lot more crafting. & what greater way to start than some cute washi projects?
The best thing about Washi is that it's easy, without looking easy. (My favorite quality in a DIY). Which makes it super easy to get crafty on busier days. I managed to get 3 projects done in less than an hour!

We'll start with my favorite. I love the chevron washi, & was immediately inspired to find a way to wear it. 

Next order of business, Madeline Mac needs a little makeover. (yeah, I named my macbook....Is that weird orrrrr...) While I'm not ballsy enough to cover all the keys with washi, adding a little tape to my spacebar & apple makes the perfect little detail.

& finally, the clothespins. This one's pretty self-explanatory- I've seen it all over pinterest. The only minor difference I made was to disassemble the pin then taping under the wire.  (I just like it better that way).

& that's it! A great start to what will be an incredibly crafty year. 

Pst- Like the washi tapes I used today? Head over to the Plaid Barn! She has some great washi!