Friday, February 1, 2013

Washi, washi, washi.

Dolls, I must admit I have a problem...

I'm addicted to craft supplies. 

I completely hoard them; stuffing endless amounts of beads, tapes & cardstock into every corner of my house. & one of my favorite places to get my 'fix' is the Plaid Barn
The gal who started the site is the absolute sweetest, & she always has the best supplies, like fabulous washi tape. As usual, I'm late to the party- I've only recently started collecting it.
Wait, no. Not collecting. It's a new year & I plan on doing a lot more crafting. & what greater way to start than some cute washi projects?
The best thing about Washi is that it's easy, without looking easy. (My favorite quality in a DIY). Which makes it super easy to get crafty on busier days. I managed to get 3 projects done in less than an hour!

We'll start with my favorite. I love the chevron washi, & was immediately inspired to find a way to wear it. 

Next order of business, Madeline Mac needs a little makeover. (yeah, I named my macbook....Is that weird orrrrr...) While I'm not ballsy enough to cover all the keys with washi, adding a little tape to my spacebar & apple makes the perfect little detail.

& finally, the clothespins. This one's pretty self-explanatory- I've seen it all over pinterest. The only minor difference I made was to disassemble the pin then taping under the wire.  (I just like it better that way).

& that's it! A great start to what will be an incredibly crafty year. 

Pst- Like the washi tapes I used today? Head over to the Plaid Barn! She has some great washi!

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