Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucky DIY: Four leaf clover rings

While I'm all about being faux-irish on st. Patricks day, (c'mon- you know we all do it!) I'm not quite into wearing green. The closest I ever come is wearing some green in my jewelry, or maybe in my eyeshadow (of course, with emerald being the color of the year maybe i'll change that up).
Now I couldn't quite tell you why I don't wear much green- I dont hate the color at all- it just so happens to be that way. After getting sufficiently pinched last year, I'm feeling inspired to find ways to wear more green this time around. 
So this ones for those of you ladies who don't wear too much green, (or those of you who are looking for more ways to wear it) I give you a quick st. Patricks day DIY.
I got the inspiration while I was on my weekly Micheals run, & saw these cute little stickers.  They're basically cabochon stickers, & I thought they'd make perfect rings. 
Materials Needed:
-Four leaf clover stickers (or buttons- available here)
-Glue (I'm using a dollop of E6000)

Now for the fun part. 
First, remove the sticker from the back. (Mine easily peeled off)
 Then apply a bit of glue to your ring, & place it on the back of the four leaf clover. 
Now let it dry overnight...
& c'est fini!
Now feel free to shamrock it around town. (ok, ok. that was bad)

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