Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, I'm in love.

You now the feeling. As cliché as it seems- I know I'm not alone. Friday is always different. 
I'm always a morning person on Fridays; they're the days when work flies by & coffee is enjoyed. Fridays are love. 
But of course many of us are in the "real world" now, where Fridays don't necessarily mean the end of the work week, but I don't care. The child in me still gets giddy with the prospect of the weekend. 
The child in me still loves Friday. 

So with that dolls, I introduce you to the first in my "Friday, I'm in love" series. Here i'll share my thoughts, my inspirations & my favorite finds throughout the week. (Ok, so it's pretty much a Friday Finds kind of thing)

& first we start off with some words to live by. 
Here's a piece from Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko's debut collection (F2011/W2012). It's not a new find by any means, but I stumbled on this picture on Tumblr & fell in love with the sheer skirt of this dress. 
This phenomenal cross-stitch monogram necklace by Skrynka
Right now I'm in love with lilac everything & anything, from earrings (Baublebar)... hair
Of course I'm perpetually obsessed with macarons, & these trinket boxes are to die for. (on waitlist here or available here)
A quote for the travelers. (or for the girl who's moving for the umpteenth time)
This Anthro necklace is what DIY-dreams are made of. 
Much like this awesome Pom-pom DIY. (in french)

& finally, what I'm listening to today. (I couldn't help myself...)
Happy Friday!
*p.s- I said Friday 8 times in this post... That's too much. I'm sorryinnotsorry. Next week though, I'll tone it down. 
*p.p.s- unless states, pictures in this post are not mine. I do try to  find as many sources as I can & never link to Pinterest or Tumblr, but I'm only human. If I didn't properly credit a picture please let me know!

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