Friday, February 14, 2014

Bee Mine?

Happy Valentines day lovelies!
I had a whole bunch of posts planned for valentines day (single or not- I love, love) but my immune system had other plans. I've been sick as can be for most of this new year & this past week has been no exception. So even though high fevers wouldn't let me do any makeup tutorials, I made these little valentines for you. Wether you're a cynic, a chemist*, or a romantic- I hope you'll find a postcard for you. Just right click & save. Feel free to print or share these as you please- the only rule is: don't take credit for them.
I hope your Valentines is filled with love, happiness & all the chocolate you can eat. & to all my fellow single ladies- don't pout. Celebrate all the love that surrounds you (even if it's not necessarily romantic), & most importantly- love yourself most of all. (& don't forget the silver lining: candy will be on sale tomorrow!) 

*The chemistry inspired valentines are dedicated to my chemist best friend, love you biff!